Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Simple Thoughts...

To be honest, this unit didn’t really “hit home” like it could have.  I found no inspiring connections between my art and Islamic culture, nor did I find it particularly intriguing.  However, I was surprised to find out information about the dance that used to exist in Muslim countries.  For example, I was somewhat shocked to discover that Iran had a professional ballet company, but apart from learning interesting little facts such as that, I didn’t experience any sort of epiphany or realization of anything that I could translate into my own art studies.

Personally, I would not want to go to a school that based their courses solely on real-world issues and happenings.  However, I do believe it is essential to incorporate these factors into classes.  For example, my AP English 3 teacher required us to do short “Current Events” papers each week in which we would research something going on in the world that was relevant to what we were covering in class.  This way we could connect our studies to reality.  I had similar assignments in my AP Human Geography class as well.   My teacher, Mr. Ford, would require us to do what he called RPHs.  These RPHs (Research, Print out, and Highlight) also created connections between the real world and our course material by allowing us to look at how a certain subject might appear in the world today.  With that being said, incorporating real-world elements into classes is, in my opinion, a necessity, but I do not believe that organizing a course around real-world problems would be quite as beneficial to the students.

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